Our vision is the same as yours

Selling a business

If you want to maximise the value of your business and secure the best conditions for selling it, we can help by managing the whole project or specific parts of the sale process. 

Selling your business externally

Deciding to hand your business over to new owners and going through the transfer process call for specific expertise, resources and time if you want to achieve the best outcome. We can take care of everything – from planning and preparations, contacting potential buyers and analysing indicative offers through to buyers’ business assessments and negotiations right up until the deal is done.

Choosing buyers with care

Transferring your business to an external party can be a difficult decision on an emotional level. In many cases, intangible values play a more significant role that you might expect when it comes to choosing a buyer. Key factors include concern about how staff will be affected, whether customers will remain loyal and so on.

Only the best outcome

Matching the right buyer with the right seller is a complex and time-consuming process that requires a thorough understanding of the business concerned, and of the buyer’s vision and purpose in making the acquisition. Our job is to make sure sellers like you feel confident and at ease throughout. We maintain strict confidentiality and use tried-and-tested methods to achieve the best outcome on the most favourable possible terms. Our fees are based on successfully finding a buyer and seeing the transaction through to completion. If we don’t produce results, we won’t take any payment from you.

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