Making the right decisions on the right basis


We can offer advice on acquisitions, new investors or exit strategies. Our advisory service covers a variety of business scenarios relating to company shares.

It’s easy to make things difficult, but difficult to make things easy

Perhaps you, as a business owner, have been contacted by a potential buyer – or even several. If you choose to pursue this further, there are various factors you should take care not to underestimate. Our advisors have experience in exactly these kinds of situations and issues and this can prove crucial in terms of maximising value and securing the best conditions for a sale.

Guiding you through the transaction process

As a business owner, you may get quite far into the sale process without any help, but then reach a point when you need a sounding board. You may be concerned about what acquisition model to go for, or calculating working capital and net cash position, or the buyer’s business assessment. Our advisors give business owners the security they need, thanks not least to their solid track record in dealing with transaction processes. They also take the pressure off them and guide them through the whole process, right up to  the final negotiations. 

Lasting business relationships

We believe in forging lasting relationships and are keen to meet business owners at the earliest possible stage. Businesses often have directives setting out long-term exit strategies. The sooner you start working on your exit procedure, the smoother and more effective it will be when it comes to implementing it. Being well-prepared means you can be flexible and efficient in setting the process in motion if an eligible buyer suddenly shows an interest in acquiring your company.

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