Advice about business transfers

About us

Neqtar is a young and modern consultancy based in  Malmö, Sweden. Our services are geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises. Our customers are mainly companies, entrepreneurs, private equity firms and family businesses.  Our advisory services include transaction-related services for sales and purchases and advice for business owners on financial strategy and corporate finance.

Our core area of expertise

Our services are centred around giving advice on mergers and acquisitions – in other words, on all matters relating to the transfer of business. Our main area of business involves managing business transactions from start to finish. We can act on behalf of our clients, representing them as sellers preparing for an external sale or as buyers involved acquisitions.

Our niche

We have extensive industry experience and specialise particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises with transaction values ranging from SEK 30 million to SEK 200 million.

Advice on shares

We act as advisors in a variety of business scenarios, dealing with everything from businesses in need of capital to ownership-related issues about shares and even exit and acquisition strategies. 

Business valuations you can rely on

Thanks to  our wealth of experience and expertise in business transactions, we  know exactly how buyers view the value of a business. We use a range of tried-and-tested methods to carry out business valuations. We  also assess the value of a business in relation to  transactions that have already happened within a particular sector  to ensure absolute reliability.